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Something Fierce by David Drayer


Amazon Review

Something Fierce is unlike any book I’ve read and seems to define categorization. Part love story, part sexy thriller, part harrowing drama—this book dares you to find out what happens next.
My takeaways from the book were: 1) the author did an outstanding job writing from a woman’s point of view & from a mental health perspective 2) the author created real flesh and blood people that I found to be absorbing and compelling 3) the writing is complex, dynamic, and demonstrates tremendous range.
I definitely recommend this book.

A Noble Story by David Drayer


Amazon Review

"This is another excellent read from the mind of David Drayer. I found myself unable to stop turning pages as the characters in A Noble Story continued to catch me off guard and make me laugh. The character’s steadfast hope and determination to fulfill their dreams became infectious and I found myself rooting for them at every mishap in their journey. If you haven't tried a Drayer book yet, this is an excellent place to start. Honest and uplifting, A Noble Story has become a cherished part of my collection."

Wayward Son by David Drayer


Amazon Review

"Absolutely loved "Wayward Son". From the first section, to the last I was awed by it and could not wait to see what the author did next. The author's "Free style" of life and writing kept me close to being mesmerized throughout the book. "Wayward Son" had everything that I wanted....drama, humor and, in my opinion best of all, insights into making ourselves and our communities/small towns better places to live. Although I never had heard of the author before, David must be an adventurous, fun loving and wise person. Maybe this sounds over the top" but my biggest concern while reading "Wayward Son", was that it was going to end. I enjoyed this book more than any book that I have ever read and am in the process of rereading it, which I very seldom do. I am extremely happy that I made the purchase on a mere whim."


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