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01/14/2022 ExploreClarion

“Drayer’s journey from Rimersburg to earning a BA from Pitt to an MFA from the University of Iowa to living and working all over the United States has helped generate a unique perspective in writing his books.”

David Drayer Explains His Life As a Writer ::

11/11/2021 ExploreClarion

“This is not the kind of thing I normally write. I write literary fiction, slice-of-life. But, I approached it the same way, with the same authenticity that I do when I create any character, not trying to use tricks or scare tactics, just trying to tell the story as honestly as I can from this particular character’s point of view.”

Drayer said he barely slept during the months he worked on Attachment, but once he finished it and got it out for publication, the nightmares stopped and never returned.

Local Author’s Novella to Be Adapted for the Big Screen ::

11/4/2021 DEADLINE

“We believe that great stories can come from anywhere, and that everyone deserves a fair shot. People from all over the world share their books, screenplays and ideas with us,” said Voyage founder Mundel. “When Chris Goldberg of Winterlight discovered ‘ATTACHMENT’ on the Voyage platform, Chris and I knew it could be a great project for Paperclip to ‘get the band back together’ with John Hyams.”

By Matt Grobar

John Hyams To Adapt David Drayer’s Novella ‘Attachment’ For Paperclip – Deadline

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